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Jak funguje automatická montážní linka s měděným měděným ventilem HVAC


Podle vlastností produktu, celkumontážní linka adopts the scheme of direct asynchronous conveying and direct positioning of the bottom plate; according to the content of the job and the production cycle, the production process flow of the tree structure, the series structure and the parallel structure is adopted; the multi-station needs to be expanded And the characteristics of phased implementation, the use of upper-level control and unit control secondary computer distributed control method, plus unit control operation panel, detection failure warning system, so that the entire control system is more complete. The mechanical, control, and pneumatic systems of the entire assembly line adopt a modular structure, which embodies the modular and serialized design ideas. The automated production assembly line is composed of process system equipment such as distribution, assembly, inspection, aging, packaging, etc. Each system equipment can be a differential line, a chain plate line, an accumulation type raceway line, a speed-increasing belt line, an aerial conveyor line, and various types of equipment. The combination of flexible operation equipment such as intelligent special plane and equipped with distributed programmer (PLC); realizes high-efficiency production automation.
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